Your Leading Sustainability
Solutions Provider

GoodEarth Products, LLC

is a Leading Sustainability Solutions
Provider that provides specific
facilities wellness protocols as
outlined by a customers'
needs. Our mission is:
"The Triple Bottom Line":
Create, Reduce, Enhance.

Create a healthier and more
sustainable environment.

Reduce Operational Costs by minimizing
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Enhance Corporate Image by being proactive in reducing your Carbon Footprint and saving valuable natural resources.

We are industry recognized for our Best of Breed products, which we will customize to meet your specific needs.

10 Steps to Implementing Green Facility Objectives

  • Reach an Agreement
  • Build the Team
  • Conduct Baseline Audits
  • Development Plan
  • Get Everyone on Board
  • Acquire Green Products and Equipment
  • Implement Green Procedures
  • Implement Training in Green Cleaning
  • Take Responsibility through Stewardship
  • Communicate and Provide Feedback
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Here are Some of our Best of Breed Brands
We Guarantee a 60% Savings
Our Virtuous Cycle of Green Products will yield annual savings

GEP Touchless Cleaning System

GEP Touchless
Cleaning System

GEP Touchless Cleaning System A Cleaning System that saves on labor, chemical and water

Ionator EXP

Cleans glass, stainless steel, mirrors and grease. Kills H1N1 within 6 Seconds of Contact
Ionator EXP glass cleaner
MicroKleen Hygiene System

MicroKleen Hygiene System

Efficient and ergonomic - reduces chemical consumption by 95% and water consumption by 90%
Sanyo Air Purifier

SANYO Air Washer Plus

SANYO Air Washer Plus 99% reduction of airborne contaminants - safely purifies air and suppresses germs

ATP Meter

Quick detection of cleanliness for hard surfaces and water. Rapid detection of contamination in 15 seconds
ATP Meter
Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Clean by Peroxy - Liquid Cleaning Products

Highly Efficient in Eliminating MRSA, Staph, Flu Virus, Swine Flu (H1N1). Superior Cleaning Results